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ok, let the shit talking commence. - polemicist playground [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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ok, let the shit talking commence. [Jun. 11th, 2004|09:56 am]
Name: jordan graber
Age: 20
Sex: male
Hobbies/interests:music, shit talking, friends, being better than you.

A) 5-10 top favorite bands with a brief description:
the beatles- not a big fan of their 3 minute pop songs but the white album and abbey road. musical geniusess that werent afraid to take chances in the studio.
led zeppelin- mixed rock and blues to create a sound their own. heavy shit, brah!
cream- clapton once said that the point of cream was to be the loudest rock band on earth. slow blues mixed with rock and roll. loud and heavy.
wu tang clan- by far the best rap group ever. they totally changed the game.
hot water music- wont even get into it.

L) top 5 albums of all time:
abbey road- the beatles. i think side b is the best beatles ever. songs flow amazingly well together.
II- led zeppelin. this is where they found their sound.
the grey album- dj danger mouse. dangermouse took jay-z's the black album and mixed it with the beatles white album. definately needs recognition.
house of glass- billy joel. this record is a must have. i dare anyone to say its not.
fuel for the hate game- hot water music. changer my life. sounds cliche, but fuck off.
B) 5 favorite books/authors including at least one nonfiction selection:
ham on rye- charles bukowski
the catcher and the rye - j.d. salinger
fear and loathing in las vegas- some fag.
the hipster handbook- cant remember, funny shit though.
me talk pretty one day- sedaris.
C) 5 favorite films/directors/writers:
week end- goddard
the running man
george washington
apocalypse now- coppola
dr. stranglove or how i learned to love the bomb.- kubrick
D) Any favorite comedians?
chappelle, seinfeld, cosby, me.
E) Favorite Artists? Why? What medium do they work in?
basquiat- street graffitti, paint.
vincent gallo- director,writer,musician

F) 5 great things that have come out of TEXAS:
lone star beer!
rio grande guitar pickups.
defend the ghetto.
guns of august.
Question Forum: Try to answer at least 5 of the following with explanations as to why you have chosen that viewpoint... Convince me.

1) Abortion: pro-choice or pro-life? (legally and personally)
choice. for both.
2) Gay marriages: gay on.

3) Racial profiling: help or hindrance? help. but then again, im white. i come from a good family. aint no one gonna fuck wit me.

4) The War on Terror: good luck.

5) War in general: not a fan of it but itll happen. not every country will get what they want, so theyll fight about it.

6) Anybody like the Sopranos? favorite character/episode? this one's for breakermorant and does not necessarily reflect the views of the community as A-hole.chrissy. the woods is the best episode. "hey, you want some ketchup packets?"

7) The Lakers:(Specifically Shaq or Kobe) What about the Yankees?(specifically A-rod or Jeter)
old school yankees are da bomb.
8) Previous two questions: stupid or significant?
signifigant if youre lame.
9) If you HAD to fuck an animal, what animal would you choose?
unicorn. theyre fuckin sexy.
10) The Death Penalty: for or against?

11) Drugs? Legitimacy of legalities, penalties, dangers, etc. go to town with it.ok, i like drugs. not all drugs but some. and to be perfectly honest, as long as i can get what i want and dont get a ticket or jail time, i dont care. make them legal or keep them illegal, either way that shil will get you high.

(Deleted comment)
From: breakermorant
2004-06-11 08:22 am (UTC)
i know fucker....and here goes bitch.
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From: breakermorant
2004-06-11 08:29 am (UTC)
in no certian order

notorious BIG, tupac, bone thugs, outkast(poreferably ATliens or Aquemini), the fugees, talib kweli, dr dre, nwa, a tribe called quest(if you wanna talk about changing the genre), the roots, mos def,

that's 11. i think i'd add wu tang in there to make twelve. definetly top 12 best rap group.
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From: breakermorant
2004-06-11 08:32 am (UTC)
Pharoahe Monch, common, xzibit, GZA, Cali Agents
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(Deleted comment)
From: breakermorant
2004-06-11 08:48 am (UTC)
i never said some of the artists in wu tang weren't good. what's your point? that's like you saying if like the police that i have to like sting cuz he was in the police. gza was badass. rza has done some amazing work. wu tang is overrated.
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(Deleted comment)
From: breakermorant
2004-06-11 10:20 am (UTC)
bah! ak! guh!? that's what i said, dummy. i said not to state opinion as if they are a fact. that was my whole point, tard. now you've reduced me to name calling cuz you won't listen. you said, "by far" the greatest rap group ever...you didn't say, "i think" or "in my opinion" or "possibly one of the..." you produced it as factual information that anyone with half a brain should know.
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(Deleted comment)
From: breakermorant
2004-06-11 08:42 am (UTC)
actual;ly you're right, or wrong...i'd definetly put PE in there. and i think i uincluded nas in the second part...if not YES. why is saying public enemy was good bullshit? they changed a lot more in rap than wu tang...and did a hell of a lot more postive shit than wu tang. wu tang is all about novelty value...they're fucking goofy.

i'd say it's the other way around though for run dmc...i think they are a piece of shit that noone who loves rap can actually enjoy. i mena, if you were alive and listening to rap music in the 80s, than yes...i can understand the nostalgic factor. but jesus...they really suck. and they're lame as shit.

as far as the distinction between rap "groups" and rap "artists"... *pyut*..that's the sound i made while mock-jerking with one hand.

all that make a rap group a group is 2 or more musicians. or one guy waving a soldier rag behind a singer. it's overrated. every rapper is a rap group unless he did every single thing himself.
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(Deleted comment)
From: breakermorant
2004-06-11 10:23 am (UTC)
public enemy was more about that...and they weren't "mad at whites" if you read their lyrics. that's a general statement...they hated racism in every form of the word. but they weren't angry at whites by any means, they were incredibly pro reducing racial barriers, interracial relationships, etc. public enemy was hardly mainstream...they made it big for a while, but they never really hit mainstream or stayed in the light too long.

to conclude...PE never made a kung-fu music video with fred durst...wasn't that that nigger method man?..the same guy who now has a new show on fox and a list of horrible movies.
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(Deleted comment)
From: breakermorant
2004-06-11 10:45 am (UTC)
it turned into exactly that when you brought up the opinion that public enemy was viewd as a group of scary black men angry at whites...did you forget about that?

bringing method man out of wu tang is the same as bringing flava flav out of PE. he wore big jewelry and hats...yes. as did nearly every 80s musician have some sort of a gimmick. that doesn't mean PE is a novelty, just that they had a gimmick-guy. are you saying that elton john was a novelty? or was he just a great musician with a gimmick? outkast? gimmick-credible...but still great musicians who had some of the greatest albums rap ever saw. i don't know how you intend to prove that flava flav is more of a novelty item than wu tang..i'd say they're about equal at best. i guess i just don't see how PE was a novelty group besides suggesting that FF was silly.
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[User Picture]From: laynerox
2004-06-11 09:44 am (UTC)
i am just now getting into Nas (thanks to gary michael). and i fucking love him.
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