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i wrote the following letter as a mass email to my work-section here.… - polemicist playground [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 11th, 2004|09:33 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

i wrote the following letter as a mass email to my work-section here. it's in response to the NON-STOP news coverage, emails, etc about President Reagan's death.(i apologize to those of you who have not hear the news yet- those of you trapped in wells and whatnot-. i hope you were seated when you read this post.)
i have received, no joke, about 20 emails of the repetitive nature involving our 'down-day' on friday, the mourning of a nation, our half-mast flags, etc. it got so bad that i sent out a mass email in response to the mass emails about down days. this one was an angry one in which i targeted the fact that no one really gave a shit about his death, as well they shouldn't, but that they were going to declare a day off for "mourning" when we all know we'll be drunk....it reads as follows.
"Reagan reagan dead reagan rea-gan passing reagan. The Reagan mourning reagan DAY OFF reagan reagan. In conclusion, Reagan ronald mourning NO WORK reagan.
Thank You."

So today after watching the news, which was nothing more than old coverage of a flag-draped casket being hauled here and there, for about 4 hours while on escort-- i wrote this email in about 20 minutes. now i will go smoke and let my co-workers take it all in. and, with the miracle of the internet, you too can experience it.

This is a genuine and sincere email in response to the recent passing of one of our countries most beloved leaders. anyone who knows me, is aware of just how serious i am about this and how it has affected me personally. I'm sure we've all been a bit rustled by the tragic death of Ronald Reagan. it was an unexpected one as most deaths are at 93 years old when one has been dealing with a serious debilitating disease for 20 years or so.

Now we all are aware that we get a holiday this Friday, or whatever day yours might be, but few of us- i'm afraid- have really taken the time to think about why we have been given a day off. it's called mourning, D'uh!! and it's an entire day of it. I would like to think that most of us will actually spend this day doing so. i mean, what would the point be of giving us this day off if we aren't spending it in somber rememberance of the greatest president we've EVER had. i'm personally inviting every one of you to a candlelight vigile at my apartment after the funeral where we will spend 5 minutes in silence for reagan...and then hopefully the news coverage of his death will take a VOW of silence and put it to rest. For now, though, i will do my part to help all of you really remember the man that was Reagan, and list some of the greatest things he did for us while in office. While, I am not personally old enough to really remember or experience the things he did while in office, i am old enough to be still dealing with the results of his actions. And i did take American history in highschool(not that it would make any difference since american education seems to have a habit of hiding ANY negatives about republican presidents). Fortunately i have done decent research in american politics, mostly the last 50 years or so, and will share with you what i know or have learned in the last few days. I hope you take notes....and i suggest you keep a box of tissues nearby as his heartwarming atroc...i mean actions, have inspired many tears over the years.

First off i will discuss Reagan's disasterous anti-terror record. While he was in office, Islamic terrorists killed more americans than any before and more than Bush SR and Clinton's terms combined. Just a few examples are the marine barrack bombings, the destruction of pan am flight 103[which was a direct response on their part to our failed assasination attempt on khadaffi(sp?)]. his response? a single botched bombing run against libya.

marine barrack bombing in Beirut response? reagan invades grenada... basically sending terrorists the message of, "attack us and we'll invade a club med".

Did foxnews mention the supplying of arms to violent muslim extremists Including members of the Afghani Mujahedeen, Iran, and Iraq? if so, i didn't catch it this week. I often hear them jump at the chance to bitch about sadaam and how clinton didn't take him out, don't i? yep. how about reagan's steadfast alliance with sadaam as he killed thousands of people? Our his extensive funding of guerilla units in Afghanistan? I'm surprised Bush didn't kill Reagan first in his war on terror.

And poor president reagan did show quite a lot of love for terrorist death squads --- enough to violate the Constitution in support of the Contras- or stand by and watch the rape and torture of nuns in el salvador, murdered school teachers in nicaragua, and the tortured/murdered countless others in argentina.

But of course we can't mention his term without praising the fact that reagan created a tremendous economic expansion....though, not anywhere close to the lengths that clinton achieved while president that have been the best so far. wait, did i say tremendous economic expansion on reagan's part that led to a deficit of....are you sitting down(of course)....about 1.4 trillion dollars, the highest it has ever been?

How about his inaction and downright opposition in the fight and research against AIDS. Why? because...well, as he put it, "those who live in sin, shall die in sin"....great work Mr. President. I've always felt that cancer is caused by leprechauns and that it's best to let the magical unicorns of the other-realm fight it.

Reagan wasn't totally racist as many people try to imply. He did, however, receive extensive support and funding from radical racist groups both here in america and in Africa. While not practicing racism, he certainly made a lot of money off of it. Although i did remember and find a quote in which Reagan depicted blacks as "welfare queens" leeching off the society, when the reality is that white women are the largest recipients of AFDC.

how about his tremendous steps towards the environment? Reagan's love for the environment is almost up there with Dubyah. The following are just a few quotes i picked up on a search.
"trees cause more pollution than automobiles do."--reagan '81....also, in defense of his decisions to oppose expansion of the redwood national park, "A tree is a tree. How many more do you have to look at?".
"I have flown twice over Mt St Helens out on our west coast. I'm not a scientist and I don't know the figures, but I have a suspicion that that one little mountain has probably released more sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere of the world than has been released in the last ten years of automobile driving or things of that kind that people are so concerned about." Reagan '80. Actually, Mount St. Helens, at its peak activity, emitted about 2,000 tons of sulphur dioxide per day, compared with 81,000 tons per day by cars.

keep in mind, i'm not suggesting reagan was an "evil" or "bad" guy....just that his views and beliefs lead us into so much disarray and chaos and cost thousands of people their lives....these are mistakes we are to this day trying to fix.

i respect his position as president and i do believe he was doing his best. hell, at least Reagan stood by what he believed and didn't, i believe, KNOW when he was lying or even lie about lying as dubyah has...hundreds of recorded and quoted times.(i can make a new email on this one if you give me 15 minutes and a lexis-nexus search). Reagan just made a lot of "mistakes" and bad judgement calls. Regardless of my politcal standpoint i do honestly think his death is tragic...this "essay" is mostly in anger of the bulshit storm that comes up every time a president dies of referring to him as "a great leader" "one of the greatest presidents ever", etc. i stand corrected in my assumption that this didn't happen with Nixon-- i did some searches and found that they made the same hooplah about his death regardless of the fact that he was an evil bastard of a crook. everyone is so afraid in these times to say, "wait a second...this guy sucked! he ruined our economy, or environment, our school systems, our military, etc...." "but he was old and sweet and couldn't hear too well or remember things....r.i.p."

so good riddance to him. i'm sorry for his family and all, but i'm quite anxious for the media to get off of this and focus on something that is affecting our world.

and i totally forgot to even MENTION the cold war, unlike every news station this week that is dead set in convincing us all that reagan "single-handedly ended the cold war" and "pulled down the iron curtain". that's bullshit. he was singlehandedly the president when it happened...but there are quite a number of people who worked on it just as hard and harder than he did. i don't think i mentioned his brilliant work with the california schools sytem while he was governor, either.

so can someone in this journal PLEASE debate me and tell me i'm wrong? anyone who remembers his presidency and can justify this week-long boreathon?

[User Picture]From: kidred5
2004-06-12 11:44 am (UTC)
I can't debate you at all on this one. Between him and Margaret Thatcher, (and Nixon the genius who did away with the gold standard), thousands of Jamaicans, South Americans and Southwest Asians are nimbly using those hands of theirs to produce all of our lovely products. Viva la "Free Trade"
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