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I want to be a Mouseketeer - polemicist playground [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I want to be a Mouseketeer [May. 25th, 2004|01:24 pm]



Name: Robert Derrick Jefferies
Age: 19
Sex: Male

A) 5-10 top favorite bands with a brief description:
*David Bowie: They heterosexual's homosexual (o yes he is). Like all the good music i know, i
was exposed by my parents. Too bad it was when i tried to watch cartoons on Saturday
*Air: Can be electro-popish head bopish or mellow sexy business. The only concert i went to
where i didn't feel bad for almost falling asleep.
*Etta James: If re-incarnation be true, may I be born again as a soulfull black women.
*George Gershwin: His songs have been resung by god knows how many people, each time, taking
on a totally different feeling.
*Bjork: her genious speaks for herself. No emotion is left neglected, just exhausted.

L) top 5 albums of all time:
*Amelie Soundtrack (Yann Tiersen): I have listen to that CD god knows how many times. It has
the ability to put me in a happy French mood no matter what. Excellent bikeriding music.
*Post (Bjork): My first, and most favorite, of the Bjorks. Unlike her first album Debut
which was sort of clubby and obvioulsy a solo introduction or her 3rd album Homogenic, which
was pretty much homegenous in it's style (hence the name), Post offers a variety of song
structures and instruments.
*The Planets (Gustav Holtz): Some of the buildups send shivers done my spine.
*Lost in Translation Soundtrack (various): again, i'm a nut for soundtracks. Living in a
rainy city such as Seattle, this one is key.
*Dummy (Portishead): I thank Layne for ever introducing me. Music i don't ever have to think
about but always gets me thinking. Nice in the darkroom as well.

B) 5 favorite books/authors including at least one nonfiction selection:
*21 Balloons (William Pene Dubois): I read this in 5th grade and it was the most fantastic
book. A man gets tired with the world so he builds a ship carried by 21 balloons to take him
to an island where he starts a new community. He describes all the inventions and whatnot.
*Any book by David Sedaris. It's rare that i laugh out loud when reading.
*Dune Trilogy (Frank Herbert): I love Sci-fi, especially when it deals with philosophy over
techno babble.
*A Common Faith (John Dewey): Summarizes my entire outlook on relegious experience and the
goal of mankind (more or less).
*Secret Paris of the 30's (Brassai): It's a book, but it's really a monograph of a 1930's
Parisian photographer i like. He took pictures of the nightlife, lovers, bums, high class,
night workers, "ladies of easy persuasion", bars, etc.

C) 5 favorite films/directors/writers:
*Ridley Scott: always knows how to film smoke beautifully (Blade Runner, Aliens)
*Jean Pierre Jeunet (Amelie for that matter): See music taste above. Very clean style.
*I actually really liked Gattacca for some reason. Formally pleasing, nice film quality.
*Chris Cunningham: Does the most amazing music videos and short films for Bjork, Aphex Twin,
Square Pusher, Portishead.
*Welcome to the Dollhouse: It's just so brutally honest.

D) Any favorite comedians?
Dave Chappelle, Bill Cosby, Gilda Radner, Lily Tomlin

E) Favorite Artists? Why? What medium do they work in?
O Geez!!!
*Sally Maan: (photo) beautiful and sensual children/decaying bodies
*Jock Sturges (photo): NW artist/naturist communities/renders flesh wonderfully
*Brassai: (photo) mentioned above
*Weegee: (photo) crime scenes/trauma/real character
*Witkin: VERY morbid setups with dwarves, amputees, dead bodies (parts), taxidermy, old medical equipment, allusions to western art, quiet sickening
*Diane Arbus: (photo) Freaks/anti-fairytales
Edward Weston: (photo) subject matter not of real interest, technical mastery is amazing
Hans Bellmer: (photo) distorted and deformed mannequins
E.J. Bellocq: (photo) hookers in masks, scratched negatives
Mondino: (photo) crazy color and concepts
Frederick Sommer : (photo) ambigous forms, fetal roosters
Michelangelo: (sculptor) amazing male figures, my type of porn
Caravaggio: (painter) dark, homosexual, hated for his time
Bernini: (sculptor) awe!!!
Pontormo: (painter) Mannerist, odd coloring
Bosch: (painter) way ahead of his time
Gericault: (painter) I like his naked dead men.
James Turrell: (architect) Temples of light and space
i'll leave it there.

F) 5 great things that have come out of TEXAS:
James Turrell
Explosions in the Sky
Janis Joplin
Robert Rauschenberg

Question Forum: Try to answer at least 5 of the following with explanations as to why you have chosen that viewpoint... Convince me.

1) Abortion: pro-choice or pro-life? (legally and personally): Legally, pro-choice, it just isn't MY right to force someone else. Personally, pro-life. After seeing documentaries on fetal development and seeing the activity that goes on internally, i couldn't believe that someone would deny an amazing creature of such complexity and opportunity from ever having a chance to fully realize itself.

2) Gay marriages: seems odd, civil unions more like it. I guess if you are some new progressive Christian type, but civil unions seems more appropriate. I see the potentials for benefits, insurance, and decleration of love. Just for the hell of it seems kind of silly as they are only mocking a straight convention.

3) Racial profiling: help or hindrance? Hindrance. It reaffirms stereotypes that only produce more need for racial profiling. Vicious cycle.

4) The War on Terror: about as successful as the War on Drugs. There's no finish line..ever!

5) War in general: Fucking weird. Unnecessary, but a definite phenomenon. I think it is played up to be too romantic. Especially with all the pomp, tradition, and song that accompnies it. We go through elaborate dispalys of patriotism and whatnot, especially for funerals. If we pretend like someone really does die for a worthy cause like war, then we fail to ever realize the stupidity of the whole situation. I'm sure the military would disagree, but then again, that's why they get paid no?

6) Anybody like the Sopranos? favorite character/episode? this one's for breakermorant and does not necessarily reflect the views of the community as A-hole. no TV.

7) The Lakers:(Specifically Shaq or Kobe) What about the Yankees?(specifically A-rod or Jeter) blah

8) Previous two questions: stupid or significant? trivial

9) If you HAD to fuck an animal, what animal would you choose? polar bear, because then you could snuggle afterwards.

10) The Death Penalty: for or against? Against. Just instinctual. I could go into an elaborate arguement, but, against.

11) Drugs? Legitimacy of legalities, penalties, dangers, etc. go to town with it. Noone should be allowed to tell you what can or cannot go into your body. Especially if it is a naturally occuring phenomenon (mushrooms, pot, etc.) However, education, deymystifying the extreme negative and positives, and quality control are a must. No legalization as taxes would ensue, rather, decriminalization. Education is the most important part!!!!!
Before you go...

*tell someone about this journal in a post, reply, weblink, etc and prove it to me here.

*post a picture or two of yourself just so we know who we're talking to. like i said, it won't be used against you, unless we really really don't like you....or you're ugly.


From: breakermorant
2004-05-29 11:36 pm (UTC)
i do think etta james is great, but i find it hard to list her as the top 5 greatest musicians without listing billie holiday as well. she has, in more ways than one, inspired and influenced the majority of james' works and by far, probably not too far, her superior in range, volume, and voice.

racial profiling...

i've always found the 'good fight' against racial profiling to be quite humerous. especially when bush took a "stand" against it about a year ago all like *whisper*"racial profiling is wrong and we will end it."*whisper*.....that and every other form of terror in the world.

i find it funny because he, or anyone else has yet to fight the terror while providing any bit of evidence of it's very existence. not one person has brought forth anything to prove, or even cast valid speculation on the matter besides saying, "well look here-- there are a lot more blacks and hispanics being arrested than whites. PROFILING!!!"

i'm not saying it hasn't happened. just not a regular practice, and certainly not one that is condoned.

but is it even an issue? would it really be hurting tha tmuch if it were a practice? here's some statistics i just pulled up on a quick random search of the sorts...
"The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that blacks were 10 percent of drivers nationally, 13 percent of drivers in fatal accidents, and 16 percent of drivers in injury accidents." "Blacks in one New Jersey study were 23 percent of all drivers arrested at the scene of an accident for driving drunk, though only 13.5 percent of highway users. In San Diego, blacks have more accidents than their population figures would predict"

and the studies are full of this shit...and that's just for drunk driving alone. the statistics are insane for rape, murder, theft, etc. i seriously doubt that the police are arresting the black rapists and letting all the white ones go free.

and the majority of these cases in which people scream "racial profiling" are legitimate issues. i.e.-- a highway patrol officer gets a tip on his radio that there is a major drug run suspected to be coming through his area involving a few facts like skin color-black car model/color red pontiac. now of course this cop is going to be pulling over just about every black guy he sees in a red pontiac. is that unethical? is that any different than an amber alert claiming that a girl was abducted by a hispanic man in a green truck? that right there is a form of racial profiling.

i'm so sick of people making everything like that a race issue. rodney king...o.j....the guy who got pulled over (for being black apparently) and got shot at, wounding people in the van. this whole case got torn apart for being racially motivated, even though he was clocked in at 74 in a 55...pulled over. attempted to flee by backing into the police cruiser, and then was fired upon while driving backwards on the freeway before hitting another car.

you use the basis that profiling reaffirms racial stereotypes that increase the need for profiling...so you are admitting that there is a need for profiling or what? i'm confused. and if that's the case, and it's proving all of these stereotypes true, than what is the real issue here? it sounds like it's doing more good than bad because the sterotypes are true whether or not the cop pulls them over or lets them commit their crime.

the main issue i have with all of the sensitivity to racial profiling, or lack therof, is that it has made cops so fucking paranoid to pull over, arrest, or even issue a citation to a minority. because they have the right to scream racism and get away with a crime and ruin a cop's career. a white man can just as easily get his ass pulled over looking suspicious and thrown in jail but it won't be called racism. everyone is walking on glass around that issue and letting criminals get away with shit day in and day out to save PC face.

i say law enforcement incorporates a new slogan..." Enforcement gets bigger, to catch all the nigger" just to get it all out in the open

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[User Picture]From: kidred5
2004-05-31 09:33 pm (UTC)
Billie Holiday is great, love her to death, but i don't think i HAVE to mention her if i mention Etta. Billie's voice, to me, is sad, wavering, unrefined and haunting (this is why i like her). Etta, on the other hand, sings the same songs powerfully, deeply, sexually. It just clicks with me more. Sometimes i'm in an Etta mood, sometimes a Billy. I just love Mystery Lady though.

I SERIOUSLY doubt that "cops [are] so fucking paranoid to pull over, arrest, or even issue a citation to a minority". It's not just black people that i'm talking about Taylor. This profiling of minorities is prevalent everywhere. I see homeless people badgered for yelling at a phone booth, but 8 frat guys screaming while piss drunk in front of the same cops don't even get a glance.

What i really don't like about racial profiling is that it connects a skin color with bad behavior. I'm not talking about a description of a man on the radio like the black man in a red car, that's understandable. I'm talking about "reports" and "studies" that come out saying stuff like "Black men are more prone to..." or "Statistics show that African American men are more likely to..." Shit like that i think is ridiculous because it's grouping attributes to a category that is arbitrary. Real descriptors such as income, literacy rates, environment etc. are the real factors that determine a person (i think) rather than skin tone. By using black, hispanic, white, as mean of categorizing it is just making people draw conclusions that someone is being abused.
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From: breakermorant
2004-05-31 10:45 pm (UTC)
no..it's called haughton's law of music. it states that, if listing any particular artist, one must first at least make a reference to all of the greats who came before and directly influenced their work. you HAVE to. and that was a baseless argument because i didn't want to be dumb and just say..."i think your other choices are dumb. and bjork isn't welcome in bang-cock anymore."

i'll admit that those statistics are sad...but they are also true, and not always arbitrary. it's a cycle of events, you're right. minorities are more likely to....be underprivelaged. therefore they are less likely to get a good education. therefor they are more likely to become users of hard drugs. therfor they are more likely to commit violent crimes in order to gain more cash for the rock. etc...it's sad, but true. it's not just random statistics based on the opinion that cops don't arrest white druggies, murderers, and rapists. the reason more blacks and hispanics are executed, not to condone execution, is because more blacks and hispanics are pulled in and convicted of murder. because the percentage of blacks/hispanics in prison for violent crimes are sky high over whites. it's a sad thing, but it's true and not really biased when you look at it. they aren't innocents, just inconvenienced people without ample opportunity due to the laziness of their father, his father, his father's father, and the last father man who's father wasn't really lazy, but was stolen from his homeland and brought here to work for little or nothing, dooming a generation. but it isn't inescapable...they aren't really doomed to repeat the cycle..just look at judge joe brown. heh.

and i don't think racial profiling neccessarily is saying that whites or asians aren't criminals..that they don't have the exact same faults in their cultures..just that in certain areas, specifically inner-city, minorities are more at risk to act on them. i wish it weren't the case...wait,.no i don't, cuz i'm white and i enjoy it. *cackle*. kidding. mostly.

as far as the homeless man getting arrested vs teenagers...that's one issue in a thousand. i'm sure, if you did see this happen, that every seattle cop isn't like that. that they are willing to let white teens get away with anything while busting hoboes for raising their voices. but i'm sure it does happen sometimes. if the cops are really that hard on the homeless, it boggles my mind as to why there is such a plethora of them in your city. makes you wonder why they don't come to houston or san antonio where they can sleep under every bridge with no real bother from anyone.
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[User Picture]From: kidred5
2004-06-04 10:02 am (UTC)
what i think is so weird is that this tendency for black people to commit so many crimes is a new phenomenon. From what i've seen, the 50's wasn't a time when this huge disparity between crime demographics existed. I also see this in the older generation today. They had very different values and standards. But i guess that's a product of youth rather than ethnicity.
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From: breakermorant
2004-06-04 11:21 am (UTC)
it isn't that weird at all.(and this is only and argument if what you were trying to say is that the crime statistics for blacks vs whites IS NOT different today. the 50s were a time in which people had more respect for one another and fear of the law. not just blacks, everyone. look at crime rate in general for the 50s. another fact was scare tactics...blacks were afraid to even be outside their houses after dark for fear of retribution from the predominantly racist society they lived in. they could hardly go to the store, much less rape, steal, or murder. it's not a real valid comparison to make since blacks, and whites for that matter, were almost an entirely different species back then as far as ethics, morals, and standards went- which i think you touched on there.

now days gang violence, etc is such a huge part of that. if you ask me, gangs began with the right idea that eventually turned into a disasterous statistic for minorities. gangs were originally created to 'protect' neighborhoods of minority population from outsiders and such. blacks had no rights and no one to protect them but gang members who loved their neighborhood. now days they're all too worried about "rivals" who essentially stand for the same thing, making a name for themselves(violence), and making money(drugs, looting, etc.)
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[User Picture]From: kidred5
2004-06-04 10:03 am (UTC)
Also, Seattle has so many homeless people because it's just a good city to be homeless in (relatively speaking). The weather is quite temperate, most people walk so there is constant opportunity for change. We have quite a number of services that are geared towards the homeless as well, you know us liberal do-gooders.
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From: breakermorant
2004-06-04 10:23 am (UTC)
i hear the weather is especially nice for the homeless in the winter time.
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