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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2004|10:43 am]
i'll post this here for any debate. it's a good topic. go to this link and read the comments on my journal... http://www.livejournal.com/users/breakermorant/88699.html

am i stepping over my boundaries by expecting people to practice what they preach? or to at least preach something that makes sense? if there's anyone who really has a problem with it let me know and i'll start making sure no offensive slang is uttered in my journal. personally i think it was just a petty fight being picked. to quote the title of a richard pryor album, "that nigger is crazy". question 2- is it ok if i quote a black person who uses the word- or is that still racist? what if i quote a funny white man who used the word? steve martin- "sir, you are TALKING to a nigger!!!". am i racist for quoting a man who is obviously a devout racist? remember- that man made a movie with queen latifah that objectified both women and black culture in petty, stereotypical ways. so we KNOW he is a racist for cashing in on the industry that looooves and always has loved blacksploitation. i never knew i was a racist, but it's slowly becoming clear to me that i must be. i must be a racist who hates gay people.

please let me know if you are a) a racist or b) a radical....
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ok, let the shit talking commence. [Jun. 11th, 2004|09:56 am]
Name: jordan graber
Age: 20
Sex: male
Hobbies/interests:music, shit talking, friends, being better than you.

A) 5-10 top favorite bands with a brief description:
the beatles- not a big fan of their 3 minute pop songs but the white album and abbey road. musical geniusess that werent afraid to take chances in the studio.
led zeppelin- mixed rock and blues to create a sound their own. heavy shit, brah!
cream- clapton once said that the point of cream was to be the loudest rock band on earth. slow blues mixed with rock and roll. loud and heavy.
wu tang clan- by far the best rap group ever. they totally changed the game.
hot water music- wont even get into it.

L) top 5 albums of all time:
abbey road- the beatles. i think side b is the best beatles ever. songs flow amazingly well together.
II- led zeppelin. this is where they found their sound.
the grey album- dj danger mouse. dangermouse took jay-z's the black album and mixed it with the beatles white album. definately needs recognition.
house of glass- billy joel. this record is a must have. i dare anyone to say its not.
fuel for the hate game- hot water music. changer my life. sounds cliche, but fuck off.
B) 5 favorite books/authors including at least one nonfiction selection:
ham on rye- charles bukowski
the catcher and the rye - j.d. salinger
fear and loathing in las vegas- some fag.
the hipster handbook- cant remember, funny shit though.
me talk pretty one day- sedaris.
C) 5 favorite films/directors/writers:
week end- goddard
the running man
george washington
apocalypse now- coppola
dr. stranglove or how i learned to love the bomb.- kubrick
D) Any favorite comedians?
chappelle, seinfeld, cosby, me.
E) Favorite Artists? Why? What medium do they work in?
basquiat- street graffitti, paint.
vincent gallo- director,writer,musician

F) 5 great things that have come out of TEXAS:
lone star beer!
rio grande guitar pickups.
defend the ghetto.
guns of august.
Question Forum: Try to answer at least 5 of the following with explanations as to why you have chosen that viewpoint... Convince me.

1) Abortion: pro-choice or pro-life? (legally and personally)
choice. for both.
2) Gay marriages: gay on.

3) Racial profiling: help or hindrance? help. but then again, im white. i come from a good family. aint no one gonna fuck wit me.

4) The War on Terror: good luck.

5) War in general: not a fan of it but itll happen. not every country will get what they want, so theyll fight about it.

6) Anybody like the Sopranos? favorite character/episode? this one's for breakermorant and does not necessarily reflect the views of the community as A-hole.chrissy. the woods is the best episode. "hey, you want some ketchup packets?"

7) The Lakers:(Specifically Shaq or Kobe) What about the Yankees?(specifically A-rod or Jeter)
old school yankees are da bomb.
8) Previous two questions: stupid or significant?
signifigant if youre lame.
9) If you HAD to fuck an animal, what animal would you choose?
unicorn. theyre fuckin sexy.
10) The Death Penalty: for or against?

11) Drugs? Legitimacy of legalities, penalties, dangers, etc. go to town with it.ok, i like drugs. not all drugs but some. and to be perfectly honest, as long as i can get what i want and dont get a ticket or jail time, i dont care. make them legal or keep them illegal, either way that shil will get you high.
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(no subject) [Jun. 11th, 2004|09:33 am]
[mood |tiredtired]

i wrote the following letter as a mass email to my work-section here. it's in response to the NON-STOP news coverage, emails, etc about President Reagan's death.(i apologize to those of you who have not hear the news yet- those of you trapped in wells and whatnot-. i hope you were seated when you read this post.)
i have received, no joke, about 20 emails of the repetitive nature involving our 'down-day' on friday, the mourning of a nation, our half-mast flags, etc. it got so bad that i sent out a mass email in response to the mass emails about down days. this one was an angry one in which i targeted the fact that no one really gave a shit about his death, as well they shouldn't, but that they were going to declare a day off for "mourning" when we all know we'll be drunk....it reads as follows.
"Reagan reagan dead reagan rea-gan passing reagan. The Reagan mourning reagan DAY OFF reagan reagan. In conclusion, Reagan ronald mourning NO WORK reagan.
Thank You."

So today after watching the news, which was nothing more than old coverage of a flag-draped casket being hauled here and there, for about 4 hours while on escort-- i wrote this email in about 20 minutes. now i will go smoke and let my co-workers take it all in. and, with the miracle of the internet, you too can experience it.

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and i totally forgot to even MENTION the cold war, unlike every news station this week that is dead set in convincing us all that reagan "single-handedly ended the cold war" and "pulled down the iron curtain". that's bullshit. he was singlehandedly the president when it happened...but there are quite a number of people who worked on it just as hard and harder than he did. i don't think i mentioned his brilliant work with the california schools sytem while he was governor, either.

so can someone in this journal PLEASE debate me and tell me i'm wrong? anyone who remembers his presidency and can justify this week-long boreathon?
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! [Jun. 5th, 2004|11:49 am]
[mood |crushedcrushed]
[music |Creed-- with arms wide open]

— The biggest rock band of the past decade has broken up.

thanks for the words

heh...mtv.com called them the biggest rock band of the past decade...what the fuck is wrong with these people? lets have some feedback...BETTER BEST bands of the past decade. anyone?
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2004|10:41 am]
this is an email i sent to my dad today in an ongoing debate he and i have about bush vs kerry. my dad is awesome...he's so 2-sided on anything that it's impossible to have a heated debate with him. you can scream at him with your issues and he'll say, "i see your point- and it is a good one. it's definetly something to think about. but i see it this way right now...". he really is a lot more open-minded than i make him seem here. i'm not even sure what his real views are as he's playing devil's advocate half the time. so here's a few quotes from his email, and my angry replies. my replies are a bit out of order and cut and pasted here and there...bear with it.

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(no subject) [Jun. 4th, 2004|08:43 am]
i'll start by letting you know 'where' i work, to get a better picture of the environment here. i'm in the air force at lackland, afb in san antonio. i work in a computer help desk as a systems operator. right now i'm in the front waiting for more people to get here to start having troubles...because that's what i do. i fix people's problems or pass them to someone else with a sigh of relief.

in the front here we have a rather large LCD screen hanging from the ceiling that is on all day, specifically for emergency bulletins to come in, but it's also tuned into the news just so we aren't watching a blank blue screen. i've noticed, since being back on days, that the only real news program anyone around here wants to watch is FOXNEWS which is, in my opinion, the epitomy of evil and biased news stations. i've had numerous "arguments" if you can call them such on the topic. i try to tell them that the likes of hannity and colmes, bill o'reilley, those three fucking IDIOTS that host the morning show, etc are all ridiculously retarded and ill-informed liars who can only report on something if it will help them suck up to the bush administration or the military. their debates are often reduced to nothing more than calling all of their opponents "un-american" or "haters of america" if they run out of notecards instructing them of what to lie, or say. bill o'reilley first caught my interest in the weeks after september 11, when he suggested that if 'the afghani people don't come forward with osami bin laden in the next few days that we go over there and bomb all of the major water and food supplies to starve the people into ratting him out". when confronted on the issue of suggesting we discount the geneva convention and literally kill thousands of innocent people through starvation, he denied his quotes and claimed that he never said naything about civilians and that he merely suggested we bomb major al qaida hideouts over there. those are just a few examples...you can find more by just turning on the station for a few minutes and listening.

but my coworkers arguements consist of, "well EVERY news station is biased....just look at larry king!!". "i LIKE bill o'reilly". "fox news tells more of a 'fair and balanced'(their slogan) news report than anyone else."

right. fucking sick.

wasn't it o'reilly who also suggested we cover 'too many' civilian deaths in iraq? he justifies this by suggesting that 'civilian deaths are a part of war and always have been since the beginning'. so are marine deaths that you so proudly report on a minute to minute basis asshole. everything in war is a part of war then, and doesn't need to be reported. how could ANY news station suggest this and get away with it? that a suicide bombing in iraq that kills 30 civilians is any less important than a bomb-threat in america?

after arguing this shit until i'm blue in the face, the major arguers of the topic have actually told me, "we could both argue this point all day and not get anywhere. i probably don't know as much as you about it because you've read into it and i don't..but i still believe what i believe."

what does that mean other than, "obviously, you know more about the matter, but i'm going to stick to my biased news because i need something to cling to and they make me feel important. we could argue this forever, but since i'm stubborn and refuse to do any research, we can't get anywhere." ????

last week one of my supervisors had an argument of, "oh yeah? that's why fox news has blown CNN out of the water with ratings, right?"

i didn't know what to say to this other than to spend 2 seconds on a website looking it up because i knew i'd read somewhere he was sorely mistaken. and he was. he WAS right in that fox news often flaunts the 'fact' that it has higher ratings than cnn or msnbc. however, this is just one trick of many for faulty journalism....distortion and contortion of facts. there are so many...my favorite is misquoting by using "..." or bits and pieces of quotes to get what you want the person to say. i could say, "man, i think one time that i actually heard layne say that blacks are dumber than whites. that's awful, isn't it?". and then layne could take that quote...put it in her paper as, " taylor gideon was quoted as saying "...blacks are dumber than whites."

anyway...i looked it up and found that there are two factors included in ratings. there is a percentage given for overall viewers...and then for actual view-time. fox-news won for overall view-time, most likely because their viewers are the kind that feel compelled to tune in for an entire afternoon to get a 'balanced' insight on the war on terror, while CNN viewers turn it on for a while to actual get, what else?, the news and then go about their day to day activities. turns out that CNN had FAR more overall viewers, thus making fox's claims untrue.

my coffee is cold...
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(no subject) [Jun. 2nd, 2004|07:21 pm]

[mood |curiouscurious]

Alright peeps... let's get this thing going. What'dya say?

Just for starters:

Recently one of the fellow teachers here in the city of Xian had asked me what the difference was between behavior and lifestyle. This was an important definition as he was on the opposing end of the gay marriage thing, and I on the affirmative. Dictionary.com says the following:

be·hav·ior (n. )
1.The manner in which one behaves. (no shit...)

2.a.The actions or reactions of a person or animal in response to external or internal stimuli.

b.One of these actions or reactions: “a hormone... known to directly control sex-specific reproductive and parenting behaviors in a wide variety of vertebrates” (Thomas Maugh II).

3.The manner in which something functions or operates.


life·style (n.)

A way of life or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group.

I was stating that the legislative act that is under scrutiny is unconstitutional on one basis: the foundation of the [anti-gay-marriage] act is based entirely upon Judeo-Christian doctrines. To force a group of people, of any description, to bow under such a biased and obtuse tenet is against everything the Constitution stands for. No matter what particular religious convictions leaders or a majority of the nation might have, it isn't okay to discriminate against someone's particular behavior.

My definition of 'behavior', is that it is mainly based upon unconscious workings of the physiology, mentality, psyche, and spirit of the individual. This is referring to the innate sexual desires that are present, in homosexuals/bisexuals, etc. These things come as natural as breathing, and cannot be discriminated against since they are equally as unchangeable.

I further defined 'lifestyle' as being something of a conscious follow-through of a specific ideal in the standard of living, or mode of living. This would be best represented by the "how" one lives: meaning, the "bar" scene, the level of responsible (or irresponsible) discrimination of sexual acts; whether promiscuous or conservative, things of that nature. It also included things of a superfluous nature to the general well-being of the individual, namely; advocacy of homosexual behavior and lifestyle, etc. (Under the above definitions).

What say you? Am I close? Or do you plan on reporting me to the ACLU? ;P
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(no subject) [May. 30th, 2004|03:56 am]
we totally need new questions. i'm making it a new requirement on the app to give us a good idea for a topic. i haven't been at work in a while, so i've been slacking on shit like this...so if you filled out an app, go ahead and give me some ideas here. just all around good debatable themes, stuff you feel passionate about and know shit about, ya know? rock.
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I want to be a Mouseketeer [May. 25th, 2004|01:24 pm]

I want to be a MousketeerCollapse )
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here ya be... [May. 20th, 2004|02:39 pm]

creed can lick my balls, for God's sakeCollapse )
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